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What to do when an Epson printer is showing a communication error?

Epson is one of the top printer manufacturing companies. This Japanese company is well-known for providing advanced printer devices. New models of Epson printers offer multifunctionality to the users. The user can now use his Epson printer to take printouts, and scan and fax the documents. These printer devices have simple interfaces and you can easily configure them with any device. Printer settings are also very simple to use. But like other hardware devices, the user can face some errors on the Epson printer from time to time. Communication error is one of the common issues in Epson printers. 

Why is my Epson printer saying communication error?

  1. Your printer settings are invalid
  2. Printer files are not working
  3. Epson printer driver is not working
  4. The printer is not connected to the device correctly
  5. Epson printer is unable to read the command
  6. The printer can’t find the required cartridge
  7. The user is sending an invalid print command

Resolving Epson printer communication error

Run Windows troubleshooter

If the Epson printer is connected to your Windows device; use a printer troubleshooter. Windows provide an inbuilt printer troubleshooter tool. This tool checks all the files and repairs them automatically. Go to the Update and Security tab and click on Troubleshooter. Now tap on the Printer option and hit on the Run button. Windows printer troubleshooters will start inspecting and fixing the printer-related files. You will get a report wizard on the desktop. Read the report and restart the PC. Now send a new print job to your Epson printer and now check for the error.

Inspect your Epson printer

Epson device shows a communication error when it can’t find the required driver. You need a printer driver to communicate with the printer. When a user sends a print command, the Epson driver sends the command to the printer. Without this driver, the Epson printer can’t read the command. When you get the printer error, inspect your Epson driver. Open the drivers’ folder and click on Epson driver. Tap on the Update button and install the new update. If your Epson driver gets corrupted; install a new driver on the PC. Before downloading the driver setup, check the printer’s model number. Download the correct Epson driver on the device and then restart it. Now connect the Epson printer and take the printouts.

Remove junk from the PC

Some of the users get printing errors due to junk files on the PC. When a user sends a print command, the junk corrupts it and the printer can’t get the correct command. You have to remove all the junk from your computer. Go to the PC and check for all the accumulated junk files. Now choose all those files and remove them from the system. If you can’t find the junk files then use the junk cleaner tool. Run clean mgr on a Windows device. This utility function will find and remove all the junk from the device. After cleaning out the junk, restart the Windows PC and try to take a printout with the Epson printer. 

Reconnect the Epson device

You may get an error when the printer is not connected correctly. Go to the Epson printer and check its connection. In a wired printer connection, remove the cable and then check for any cut or damage. You can use a new printer cable for the connection. Don’t use low-speed cable on the printer. In a wireless Epson printer connection, restart the router and now connect the Epson for taking printouts.

Disable the firewall on your device

Epson printers can get errors on wireless networks due to firewalls. The firewall inspects all the incoming data and connection requests. Sometimes the firewall suspects the Epson printer connection is malicious and blocks the request. Your printer won’t work until the firewall allows the connection request. Go to the firewall settings and add the printer as a trusted device. Now when the printer sends a connection request, the firewall will allow the connection without scanning it. If you can’t add the printer as a trusted device then disable the firewall. Go to the device’s firewall and disable it temporarily. Now connect the Epson to the system and take your printouts. 

Power restart the Epson printer

When a printer is not working, you can try restarting the Epson printer. Your printer can get errors when its functions are not running correctly. To run those functions, perform a power restart. When your Epson printer is On, eject the power cable. Wait for about 10 seconds until the printer gets fully discharged. Now reconnect the power cable to the Epson and it should restart automatically. All of the printer functions will start running. Go to the computer and send a print command, choose Epson printer, and take your printouts.

Perform a factory reset

If you are getting communication errors after making changes to the printer settings then undo them. But the user often forgets the inbuilt settings of the printer. If you don’t remember the changes you have done on the printer then try a factory reset. This reset will change the printer to factory settings. But use this reset only when you know the printer configuration method. After a factory reset, your printer configuration data will get removed. Go to the Epson printer and check for the reset button on its rear side. Press and hold the Reset button for about five seconds. Now press the power button and your Epson printer will start with factory settings. Reconfigure the Epson device to your printer and now you can take the printouts.

Reinstall the cartridges on the printer

Some users get the printer error after they install a cartridge on the printer. The error can occur when the cartridge is not installed correctly. Go to the cartridges and remove the recently installed one. Check the cartridge pins and reinstall them correctly. Before installing a new cartridge, you have to remove its plastic protective clips. Remove the clips and then install the cartridge. Use only original cartridges on the Epson device. Installing clone cartridges can show errors or can also harm the printer. Otherwise, take your empty cartridge and refill the ink. Reinstall the cartridges on the Epson printer correctly and get the printouts. 


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